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Red Queen’s Music Video

I N S I D I O U S This song tells a story of a toxic relationship between two people, when love becomes very much like a drug addiction that slowly destroys you but also keeps you blinded on the edge of being high and oblivious  … WWW.REDQUEENBAND.COM

Release Date

Thursday, February 2, 2017 Red Queen’s new video is going up on YouTube & Vimeo at NOON!   Watch Out!


I’m currently staying in Scandinavian parts of Europe for Xmas and New Year vacation that started with 2 days in Florida. I will be back to Hollywood on January 10th and will begin to write a new Red Queen Album material. Wishing everyone a good & prosperous 2017 year : )


The “Insidious” music video for Red Queen is done and about to be released within few weeks from now. The video for “Naked” is still in the works. More figuring out of locations, furniture, props and attire must be done. Suggestions, feel free to contact us in the contact form.   RedQueenBand.com

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Removing that Coming Soon extension at last. Gallery is not fully uploaded, this takes time.  


Welcome to my website! I’ve been working on it for ever ..due to lack of free time and definite lack of superior WP navigation knowledge. I think by now I operate it just fine. This blog area will be updated once in a while with latest news or just regular blog like insight.